Build Challenge Fridays: Second Challenge

Friday is here again and that means it is time to hand out the next challenge for this week.

This week’s challenge is to create some form of power generator (And no it does not actually have to generate power … but if it does, cool!) Please build safely and responsibly.

I’ll reveal what I’ll build next Friday with next week’s challenge.

Now onto the bit that, I find, most bloggers put before the bit of information you were coming to the page to see. It is frustrating scrolling through pages of this or the other when you just want that recipe; though, I am sure I have done this and will regrettably do it again at some point in the future —please forgive me.

Between writing and playing with the Lego parts I now have sorted into buckets on the dining room table, I recalled as a kid always building things with odd parts mashed together.

When I would proudly show it to my parents, who always encouraged our hobbies and curiosity, they would ask the always needed, “What does it do?”

Which, looking back, was a really clever way of getting around the question of “what is it?” which was always the kryptonite of a child’s unintelligible creation.

Parents, “What is it?” Six-year-old Kevin, “It’s a space barrel powered by rare crystals manufactured by a race of mice that allows them to fly faster than sunbeams! Pffffffshhhhhhh vrrrrrooommmmmmm!”

Often these mashes of blocks were “really neat and sophisticated power generators” that allowed things to fly or defy physics.

I must admit, being stuck at home and connecting with my inner child again has been so wonderful for my imagination, an invaluable resource as a writer.


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