Another Friday S.T.E.A.M. Build Challenge

Welcome back to this Friday’s S.T.E.A.M. build challenge.

This week’s challenge popped into my head while watching Alien last night: A windmill!

Grab whatever you want from around the house and build yourself a windmill.

Now onto the fun part, last week’s build.

I made two little Lego power generators and they look not do bad if you use your imagination.

This past week I also found out about Lego vignettes. You take a small baseplate and build a small Lego scene. I thought it was so ingenious I made one myself. It was so relaxing and fun I know I will do it again.

Our intrepid explorer hunts for the lost tomb of the great Pharaoh.

If you are enjoying revisiting your youth with Lego as much as I am, you may also want to check out, where Lego has ideas for dusting off your Lego to play with you kids or with the kid inside you.


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