An Incredible Way to Say Thank You to Canada Postal Workers

NickLafreniere1’s Lego Ideas creation. Let’s make it a reality and say thank you to our postal workers!

I can think of no better way to say thank you to our Canada Post delivery people right now than giving your support to immortalize them in a Lego set!

NickLafreniere1 has created a Lego Canada Post delivery truck at Lego Ideas (

If you are not familiar with Lego Ideas, it is where Lego enthusiasts can build or design Lego sets and, if enough people support them, they have a chance of becoming actual Lego sets.

Next to the RCMP, I really can’t think of a more Canadian symbol that unites us in real ways. That said, I do still write handwritten letters.

Regardless, as Canadians we can easily give this set all the support it needs to become a real Lego set.

It already has received 1,563 supporters (at time of writing) and only needs 10,000 for Lego to consider making it a set.

Head over, sign up for a Lego Idea account, and give this set the love it deserves!

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