Film Fridays

Now that I have caught up on the negatives that I have shot over the last year or so, I realize I won’t be shooting and developing fast enough to keep up two posts a week. The solution? You got it, Film Fridays.

For the first post here are some images of my girlfriend working in the little studio we built. A friend of mine gifted me a Voigtländer Prominent. I didn’t have any 35 film on hand, so it sat around for a while. I did eventually go a buy a roll and gave it a whirl.

It takes some getting used to. The focus knob on the top right as awkward and I get wanting to use a lens ring focus, which just meant I kept changing the f stop. Swapping lenses was fun and the auto shutter primer withe the advance film knob was a nice feature.

Even with a tripod, on certain exposures it was prone to shutter shake. though it performed great when outside and shooting at 1/500. Those photos, though, are for next time.