When Change isn’t Planned For

After several years of working in one career with the same employer, it was time for a change. I’ll be honest, I was not planning on making this change. Instead, I had failed to look after my own mental health and failed to keep a good work-life balance. The imbalance led to a slow, subtle slide back into my depression. This put a strain on relationships, friendships and work. With the help and support of my partner, I thought it best to resign and regroup.

Now having had some time to reflect and focus on my mental health, I am faced with the challenge of figuring out where to go next. STEAM communication is very much my passion, I just have to figure out how I can make that passion earn a little revenue.

I have a few ideas and leads. The first of course is to concentrate on my Blog and website. I’ve always enjoyed writing and have neglected it for several years.

The other is the Science Writers and Communicators of Canada conference that is taking plays from May 23rd to 25th here in Winnipeg If you have not heard about it or registered for the event, I encourage you to take a look at their offerings (https://sciencewriters.ca/2019program).

I am very much looking forward it – both to meet fellow science communicators, but also to get a fresh view of the current world of science communication.

Beyond that, I am seeing what topics in STEAM I may want to branch out into. The idea of going back to university and getting that math degree I never pursued pops up now and again, but so does the idea of going rogue, as my partner calls it, and trying to carve out a digital piece of the pie with YouTube and blogging. For the moment, however, it is time for a cup of tea.


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