Life Sucks: A Positively Negative View of the Day to Day

You Don’t Need a Block Heater in Winnipeg Winters

Sometimes life sucks but you don’t see it in social media. Well, here you go, a laugh worthy look at the downs in life.

With Facebook and other social media platforms mostly showing the glitz and glam of our lives, now and again it helps to see the annoying, frustrating, unpleasant or embarrassing moments in our lives that don’t make the cut. With that, here is the first of what I hope will become a regular and laugh-worthy look at the cutting room floor of life.

Last winter my girlfriend and I were struck by the brazenness of people. Someone went out of their way to steal the electrical cord from the front of her car and left her with a cold, unhappy engine before having to go to work.

We laughed it off and hoped whoever took the cord really needed to … well for something really important. We went to Canadian Tire, bought two cords hoping to stay a step ahead of the enterprising thief. For the rest of the winter, the new electrical cord went untouched.

This winter, after coming back from holidays celebrating Christmas with my girlfriend’s family, we were happy to see that the cord didn’t take a walk. The watchful eye of friends and family coming to check in on the house prevailed.

That was until two days later. The opportunistic vandal struck again! This time they even took care to “cover their tracks” by walking back across the same path they took to take the cord. Clearly this was a thought-through enterprise and not just a case of grab and go.

Now using our second cord, and not really wanting to have to keep replacing them each winter, another trip to the hardware store was in order. A few dollars and twenty minutes, gloveless, in the cold resulted in a lovely lockable plug cover – secured, of course, with your state-of-the-art keyring! Too small for bulky gloves, too cold for numb fingers.