All About the Rolls

This past week I took some time to start scanning all the negatives of 120 format film that I have been shooting. The first set are from the first time my girlfriend and I took out the two TLRs that my parents gave me. Dad gave me his old Ricohflex and Mum her father’s Voigtlander Brilliant that he had bought while at the displaced persons camp in Germany after the war.

The Voigtlander Brilliant too nice images but needed some repairs.

We went to Assiniboine Park here in Winnipeg and had fun learning to shoot a TLR for the first time. Both cameras took great pictures and were fun to use. However, when I processed the negatives it was easy to see that the Voigtlander was showing its age and needed to have some of the flocking cut down. The Voigtlander’s frame counter also had a paper front that fell off at the end of the shoot. This meant I would have to try and do some home repairs, which I hope to feature in a future post.