Lunenburg’s Christmas Trees

During one of our trips to Nova Scotia to visit family, I tried taking some pictures of the Christmas trees in Lunenburg. Every year, volunteers raise funds for a charity by hosting a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Individuals and companies can make a donation to entre a tree that will be lit during the lighting ceremony and remains on display through the winter season.

Most of the trees are found around the town’s band stand, but there are others that are found around town as well. As you can see, my images came out dark. I am still learning the ins and outs of working with film again and still learning how to adjust for the lower amount of light coming through my colour filters.

The last time I worked with film I was still a kid using a point and shoot style camera. To be honest, my first roll of film ever was used up taking pictures of ground hogs. My parents were not impressed and warned me I might not get more film if I continued to use all my pictures on one thing. In my defense, I thought they were cute popping in and out of their little burrows.