A Stroll Through the Park

As I continue to play catch up with my negatives, this roll brings us back to Winnipeg on a stroll that my girlfriend and I took through Kildonan Park.

Several of the images didn’t capture what I was hoping. From the weird blob in front of fuzz …

Kildonan Park Winnipeg

To out of focus flowers …

Kildonan Park Winnipeg

And tall grass with no clear subjet …

Prairie Grass Kildonan Park Winnipeg

It is clear I am still learning my craft and my camera. One image did create an interesting optical illusion. In this image I get the feeling that the rail bridge is oddly bent and not straight. A fun little trick of the eye.

Abandoned Rail Bridge Near Kildonan Park Winnipeg

Overall, I have to say I have a way to go in figuring out composition and just how the coloured world I see translates into black and white.