Feeling 35

Now that I have caught up on my 120format film, I have taken the time to scan in the film I took using a Zeiss Ikon Contessa that I picked up when I first decided to get back into film a year or so ago.

The images I took with this beautiful rangefinder were more documenting life than my current attempts at something more artful using 120. Because of that, there are a number of images with friends and family that didn’t make the cut. I just don’t feel comfortable putting images of others without their knowledge.

A fun fact that I learned (useful, perhaps, in pub trivia nights) is that 35mm film is not 35 format film. There is no 35 format film. 35mm is actually known by 135 format film. It is just an odd co-incidence that 35mm and 135 format both had 35 in them.

Onto the pictures.