A New to Me Camera

I did break down after doing some research and oohing and ahing over a few cameras. In the end I decided on a Mamiya C3. The big selling point was that I could buy other lenses down the line. I also like that it had a larger crank for advancing the film than the C2.

Mamiya C3

I had a lot of trouble with loading the film properly the first few times and lost a few rolls. The first few times, the back didn’t close properly and never engaged the frame counter, so I cranked through an entire roll of film just trying to get to the ‘first’ frame.

I lost one roll by. rewinding it by hand but got the film on the outside of the paper rather than the inside. The few other rolls that this has happened with, I have been able to save and use.

This roll is between Harbourview Park and Kildonan Park.