Playing Tourist in my Own Neighbourhood

With this roll I took two walks. One was through the North End, where I now live in Winnipeg. The North End gets a bad reputation, but is historically one of the more interesting parts of Winnipeg proper before all the cities and municipalities amalgamated into the Winnipeg we know today in the 1,1970’s.

A few of the images are of the Arlington Bridge. This bridge has always held a magical place in my mind. As a child the ironwork bridge was from another time. Travelling across what is, arguably, the longest bridge in the city you didn’t cross a river, like all the other bridges in the city – no you crossed the CP rail yards! It was magical.

The second walk was shortly after the ice storm in October 1,2019 that was both completely out of season but also out of normal for the prairies here. We don’t often get ice storms and the damage was extensive to the trees that populate the boulevards.