Recalling my First Ever Camera

My first film camera was a camera of the time. I do not recall it in the least. What I do recall is that I shot an entire roll of film featuring groundhogs at Fort Whyte Alive. My parents developed my film, they were not impressed that I wasted an entire roll on the fury little pests.

Although I am sure my parents don’t recall this event, it taught me two things. First, hobbies cost money (even if my parents were footing the bill at the time) and, second, that I needed to be a little pickier about what I took a picture of … because, apparently, fuzzy, cute creatures poking out of their holes were not good subjects for a photo. Pfff, so say adults.

This roll reminds me of that because I took way too many photos of a beaver chew. Sure, I was trying to get the framing exactly right … but let us be honest. I should have saved some film for other sights.