Walking and Wondering

These images were taken in January 1,2021. They are from three of our walks. One was around our neighbourhood as we took in the sights of Christmas lights. Even with lifted spirits despite the cold and the lockdown, Covid-19 continued to make itself know.

The sight of a discarded mask was heart breaking both in its reminder of the virus, but also the litter that accumulates. I tried to capture the moment and feeling, though I don’t think I succeeded.

With the last three images on the roll, I decided to see how different f-stops and exposures affected an image. A fun little experiment that ended up getting me three lovely images of the same bridge at Assiniboine Park.

I, personally, like the results of the last one, which captured beautiful diffraction spikes from the lamps.

The other images are from a walk in Birds Hill where I was suffering a great deal of uncertainty in my ability to take pictures of any quality. Thankfully, Andrea was there to point out some scenes that might be interesting and just encourage me to snap some images. The success of those images is all thanks to her and her know how of helping me deal with a brain with depression.